Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I don't like touching raw chicken. Which is why it has taken me this long to decide to try making chicken nuggets from scratch. For the most part when working with chicken I just plop frozen chicken into the crock pot so I do not have to feel the raw texture of thawed out chicken. Bleh! I am happy to announce that it wasn't too bad. I used kitchen shears to cut them into chunks.
I was surprised the amount of nuggets I got out of one chicken breast! Man I have been wasting $$ buying pre-made ones all this time. 

Originally I was planning on preparing these as a make ahead freezer meal but once my kids got wind of what I was doing they wanted them for lunch. The rice-a-roni is homemade based loosely off of this recipe. Instead of bullion I used homemade bone broth. I didn't have Italian blend seasoning so I added thyme and rosemary. It was yummy enough even DS#4 (who claimed he would hate it) loved it.

Now to figure out why my kid sized IKEA cup and small dessert plate look so HUGE in the picture. 

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