Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Homemade Tortillas

A few weeks ago my sweet husband bought all of the things I had sitting on my Amazon wishlist, On that list was a new tortilla press. Our old one was confiscated by my "adult" children for their apartment. Not that I necessarily missed it. Since it was made of crappy aluminum it was never really heavy enough to produce a thin tortilla like I was used to buying. I had only used it occasionally, and then only for making tortilla chips. I had considered buying a better quality one for years but honestly it was too easy and pretty inexpensive to keep buying them.

My husband likes all things fresh. I remember a conversation when we first got married all the way back in 1995 *gasp* when he told me he didn't want frozen meat. As in he wanted me to get fresh meat daily for our meals.  I shot that one down immediately. First I had a full time job. Secondly it would have been an epic waste of gas not to mention time to go shopping everyday. At the time we lived in Omaha Nebraska. Getting around there was never quick and easy. Third, while I wasn't exactly as frugally minded as I am now, I did realize that meat prices fluctuated. It made the most sense to buy meat on sale and freeze it. Otherwise we just might have starved.


With my new toy, my daughter and I set out to make chips and salsa. For the tortillas I followed the recipe on the bag of Masa and the salsa I used a Chili's copycat and added the juice of a lime. This produces a very mild salsa that even the kids will eat. Which I like because they think they are getting a treat when I know it is loaded with vegetables.

Once I got the rhythm down making tortillas was quick and easy.

They were so yummy that we devoured them immediately.

The next day I decided to make a bigger batch in order to save some for another day. That didn't turn out as well. I guess my air tight containers aren't quite so air tight and some of the chips lost their crispness overnight. I am somewhat frustrated by this because I know I won't always have time to make chips fresh and yet I do not want to go back to buying them. The whole bag of Masa cost around the same as a bag of store bought tortilla chips and I barely made a dent in it.

My next idea is to make the tortillas ahead of time but not fry them until needed. Hopefully that works since it will still save me time. Plus hot fresh chips are the best!!!!