Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another disaster

I am not sure why I am voluntarily posting my kitchen disasters. I mean really!! This one I do not actually blame on myself or even my children. Instead the "cool" kitchen gadget that my mom gave me turned out to be not so cool.  *sigh*

 The concept is really neat and I am very disappointed that these did not work at all.  My daughter thought it was probably my fault (She is 13 so I can't do much right at the moment) and stepped in to show me how it was done only to find out that it wasn't Mom being "stupid". See mangled mess!!

I ended up just hand rolling the homemade hot pockets and they looked better but took a long time. So long that I remember why I haven't tried making these since 2001. My family doesn't really care how big of a pain in my rear these are they have been BEGGING for them since 2001 (also homemade marshmallows because they are divine!!).

These look much better. I filled half with cheddar cheese and diced ham and the other half with pizza fillings.

You can find the recipe here.

Since I was in the kitchen for hours I also decided that I would make up some french fries to freeze.
Homemade french fries are super easy to make yourself and much cheaper. I scrub and poke my potatoes then put them in the crock pot until tender. Then let cool. Once cool enough to handle I peel them and either grate them for homemade hash browns or cut them into fries. The best part about doing it this way is that I do not need to par fry them later. It will take only one time frying (or baking) to get them crispy on the outside while tender and done on the inside.

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